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Why we named our website 'Voidokilia Guide? (1) 'Voidokilia' after the most popular attraction of Messenia region, the Voidokilia beach & (2) 'Guide' after the purpose of this website, which is to provide guidance to all of you looking to start a new chapter in Messenia, Greece.


The founder of Voidokilia Guide mr. George Goutzioupas along with his local partners are dedicated in a sustainable tourism developement for Messenia region.


Located in the southeastern part of the Peloponnese, Greece. The natural beauty of Messenia with the indented shores, sandy beaches, forested mountains and fertile valleys, coexists with significant archaeological monuments.

Population: 160.000 people. Main townsKalamata, Filiatra, Messini, Kyparissia, Gargalianoi, Chora, Pylos. Local economyprimarily based on agricultural production & secondly on tourism. Farm productsolives, olive oil extra virgin, figs, black raisins, watermelons, melons, tomatoes, cucumbers.

The area of Messenia enjoys an excellent climate, with balmy springs, warm summers and mild winters. Blue skies, sunny days and pleasant temperatures make it a year-round destination, suitable for all kind of sports and activities.


Located 100 km from Sparta town, 15 km from Kalamata international airport & 238 km south west of Athens.  Kalamata is the capital and the central port of Messenia. Kalamata is one of the very few places in Greece that provides an extended urban network of cycling paths. This is the best way to explore the city!

A modern seaside city with a population of 70.000. Its coastal zone is full of restaurants, hotels, bars, boats, leisure facilities spaces. Enjoy numerous entertainment options day & night, bike pathways, museums, castle, dance festivals, movies, theaters. Taste the local olive oil & wines. Kalamata welcomes you all year round!


Pylos is a traditional style town historically also known as the harbor of Navarino bay. In the 1280s the Franks built the Old Navarino castle on the site. In October 1827, the combined Ottoman–Egyptian fleets were defeated in the bay at the Battle of Navarino by the allied navies of the United Kingdom, France and Russia. The area is well known for its natural beauty, ride from Pylos to the Gialova wetland, classified as one of the important bird areas in Europe. Next to Gialova take a break for a swim at Voidokilia beach, its sand forms a semicircular strip of dunes. Pylos bay is a paradise for water sports, all year round.

Costa Navarino is a prime sustainable destination in the Mediterranean. Navarino Dunes situated next to Romanos village, is the setting for two 5 star properties managed by Marriot Hotels and Resorts. Navarino Waterfront situated next to Gialova village is the setting for the W 5 star property.


From the Athens International Airport (connected with all European destinations):  Corinth 1 h 15 min, Tripoli 2 h, Nafplio 2 h 15 min, Kalamata 2 h 45 min, Porto Heli 3 h, Monemvasia 3 h 30 min, Olympia 4 h 30 min

From the Kalamata International Airport (connected with 21 European destinations):  Kalamata beach 20 min, Ancient Messene 20 min, Taygetos mountain 40 min, Voidokilia beach 40 min, Costa Navarino 45 min, Ancient Olympia 2 hours

Useful Telephones: Kalamata Tourism Support +30 27213 60754, Greek National Tourist Org. Kalamata +30 27213 61200, Hospital of Kalamata +30 27213 63000, Bus Station Kalamata +30 27210 28581, Port Authority Kalamata +30 27210 22218.


Visit the capital, Kalamata

Visit Pylos, its castle & museum

A romantic dinner at Gialova

Swim at Voidokilia Beach

Walk around Gialova Lagoon

The Polilimnio Waterfalls

Visit the Ancient Messene

Visit the Ancient Olympia

Visit the Temple of Apollo Epicurius

Spoil yourself at Costa Navarino

Join the Vitality Getaways

Taste the local olives / olive oil


The Residences - Kalamata

Marenia House - Kalamata

Villa Anna - Chandrinos

Lagouvardos Houses - Marathopoli


Notre Maison - Gialova

Entheon - Marathopoli

Bodega - Kalamata

Healthy Food Culture

You’ll guess Messinia’s most famous product from the acres of olive groves that greet you with shimmering leaves. Visiting an olive press, you’ll learn that 95% of Messinia’s PDO-protected olive oil is extra-virgin and, more importantly, tastes delicious.

You’ll also see livestock grazing in the foothills of Mt Taygetos, contributing to cheeses like feta, PDO-protected Sfela (spicier and saltier than feta) and creamy myzithra. Local meat products include pasto (or synglino) – pork with salt and smoked with olive wood and sausages scented with orange, originally from Laconia.

Depending on the season, markets and shops will be selling aubergines, figs, prickly pears, artichokes and chestnuts – along with spoon sweets, fir-tree honey and fragrant herbs from Mt Taygetos all year round.

Our Fitness & Wellness Getaways

All year round vitality camps in Kalamata, Gialova, Voidokilia, Pylos. Messenia. Peloponnese

Our Packages includes the following Elements, Services & Experiences: Personal Fitness Instructor Guided Fitness Activities (Biking, Swimming, Running, Hiking, Beach Fun) Fitness Kit / Accessories in your room Accommodation Wine Tasting & Greek healthy food Our camps aim to strengthen your body and to reduce weight.

Camp duration from 2 to 30 days upon your availability. Reservations: E-mail. Tel. +30 698 388 5768

Top 10 Beaches of Messenia

1. Voidokilia is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, but also in Europe. It is located next to the Lagoon of Yalova, 10 kilometers from Pylos.

2. Romanos beach is located near the homonymous village of Messinia, is large with fine sand. It is organized at many parts. It is under the protection of NATURA.

3. Methoni beach inside the settlement is sandy and shallow. From there you can enjoy your swim overlooking the Castle of Methoni and opposite it Sapientza.

4. The beach of Verga, 5 km away from the city of Kalamata at east, is one of the most popular and crowded beaches.

5. The beach of Stoupa is the second busiest beach in western Mani after Kalogria. It is located almost next to it, right in front of the main street of the village of Stoupa.

6. The beach of Kalogria in western Mani is the most famous, the most crowded and the most “organized” beach. It is Ideal for young couples and families.

7. The beach of Kalamata in the city is suitable for swimming, and has been awarded with a blue flag. It has warm and calm waters, ideal for families.

8. Lagouvardos beach is the spot for surfers, next to Marathopoli village.

9. Divari beach, next to Gialova lagoon.

10. Proti islet beach, 15 minutes from Marathopoli port.